15 Reasons

15 Reasons to give

Discover our videos on the various reasons to give to the Guignolée du Dr Julien. They will be published all along the donation period.

Dr Gilles Julien - Clinical Director, founder and President

Manuel Poitvin-Lemieux - Educator

Chloé - Student at Garage à musique

Patrtick Coiteux - Director, Garage à musique

Elizabeth - Volunteer

Geneviève - Psychoeducator

Gilles - Volunteer

Dominik - Lawyer

Gilbert - Donor

Diego - Director of Centre de Transfert des connaissances

Pierrette - Volunteer

Hélène - Lawyer, founder of Garage à musique

Francine - Volunteer

Maxime - Donor

Julie - Assistant director general

Sébastien - Donor

Chantal - Donor